Circular economy - a conscious decision in building design.

Circular economy - a conscious decision in building design.

Right from the sketch, during the design phase, the architectural choices have a decisive impact on the overall performance of the building. Above all, it is necessary to be aware of the various parameters and their influence on the sustainability of the building and its importance as a bank of materials.

For BELVEDERE Architecture, the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) concept has already played an important role for many years. Regular attendance at specific training courses guarantees the high level of competence of our employees in the field of circular economy. In the meantime, our architectural office is even passing on its knowledge to students at the University of Luxembourg: In April 2020, Patrick Meyer (CEO) and Lorenz Reiter (Architect, Sustainability Manager) were invited by the responsible lecturer Samuel Majerus (Coordinator of the 'Energy & Circular Economy' department at L.S.C. Engineering Group S.A.) to hold a session on "Circular Economy in the construction industry from an architect's point of view" for interested auditors from the University of Luxembourg.

In 2019-2020, we participated in two architectural competitions focusing on circular economy that were launched by the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg. On this occasion, we were able to present our pioneering and innovative concepts.

The planning of healthy and efficient buildings is at the centre of our office's efforts.

Wherever possible, we

- reduce our negative impacts ;
- create circular value;
- design with healthy, innovative, removable and reusable materials;
- opt for renewable energies;
- demonstrate a responsible attitude towards water and other natural resources.

For BELVEDERE Architecture, the best building material is the one that can be avoided! Materials must be preserved in their original form. Only a simple, visible and comprehensible structure of the building can be repaired and dismantled: The building as a material bank! Investments in the circular economy are above all economically sustainable investments !

Le bâtiment comme banque de matériaux

Beyond our design approach, we try to make our team life as sustainable as possible through specific measures such as :

- Avoiding plastic waste by the use of a drinking water purifier and the use of our own glass bottles;
- Providing employees with organic fruit, chocolate and Fairtrade coffee.

 For more information about our services in the field of circular economy, please do not hesitate to contact us: +352 26 34 06 10 or

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