BIM Management

BIM architectural office in Luxembourg for the success of your construction sites.

BIM guarantees time savings, productivity and quality throughout the life cycle of your real estate project.

What is BIM? « Building Information Modeling" is a method of virtual management of a construction project that brings together all those involved in the project around a digital model.
This model becomes the main communication and management tool throughout the entire life cycle of the building, from design sketches to post-construction management.

Project owners, architects, engineering offices and construction companies are using BIM for the design, implementation, management and operation of projects of all sizes.

The intervention of a BIM manager on a building site reinforces the collaborative spirit and the optimisation of the operations of all trades. The project is managed in a more responsible and sustainable way.


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BIM method and software at BELVEDERE Architecture


BIM software


The know-how of the BELVEDERE Architecture experts and their management of modelling software enable them to grasp all aspects of the BIM methodology. In permanent contact with other specialists, also registered with the OAI, our staff are constantly updating their knowledge and expertise on the subject.
Our BIM service is perfectly integrated in our Project Management department.
In addition to technical know-how, it is also experience in management and communication
that our team offers you in each of the BIM missions entrusted to it.

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