Project management

Real estate project management in Luxembourg, construction, transformation and renovation of buildings.

Building means taking a lot of decisions and taking them at the right time.

The project manager is like the maestro of the orchester of a real estate project. He coordinates all of the project's stakeholders. He or she is there to advise and accompany. He acts as a link between the project owner and the project team (architects, engineers, design offices, etc.).

He outlines all the options available to the project owner and assists him in his decisions. He acts as an expert. He structures. He follows-up. He controls. He pilots the construction project... on behalf of the client. He is not the creator of the project but he holds all the strings.


Landewyck Building, Luxembourg
IEE Innovation Center, Bissen
GSK Stockmann, Luxembourg
W4 Offices, Leudelange
Office Building
Office Building
Day care center


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Succeeding a construction project in Luxembourg


Complete follow-up

BIM Management

The project management offered by BELVEDERE Architecture includes the technical and commercial management of the real estate project, and the control of the construction project.

For the construction site management, we use the BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling Methodology) as the main tool for coordination and communication throughout the project.

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