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What is essential is functional and durable. We build for tomorrow with the conviction that beauty is essential.

A wide range of real estate projects in Luxembourg benefit from the know-how and creativity of the urbanists architects and designers of BELVEDERE Architecture: residential buildings, tertiary buildings, renovations, transformations, urban fittings, ...

Echoing your dreams and priorities, they offer a functional, honest architecture in a spirit of sustainability and energy efficiency. each project is unique, in line with your budget.


Landewyck Building, Luxemburg
IEE Innovation Center, Bissen
Training Centre, Luxembourg
«Office in the box», Esch-Belval
Terraced house, Esch/Alzette
Detached house, France
Bissen Incubator - architectural competition


Strengthen our reputation in Luxembourg. Create new opportunities. Open up to other sectors of activ...

Young graduate of the University of Luxembourg in urban planning ("aménagement du territoire")....

On 7. December last year, the building site panel for the Landewyck Building was finally installed....

The emblematic Heintz van Landewyck headquarters is currently under construction. A transformation o...

Right from the sketch, during the design phase, the architectural choices have a decisive impact on ...

Since 2019, BELVEDERE Architecture has been a supporting member of the "LUXREAL Real Estate Associat...

The changing needs of architects for planning tools have led them to adopt methods from other sector...

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Our architects start from your desire and your budget to design contemporary and functional buildings, integrated into their environment. they are inspired by the principles of circular economy to imagine an innovative design where technology is at the service of the human being. They use 3d visualisation and virtual reality to facilitate understanding and adherence to the project. The design is conceived in an evolutionary way. the management and use of spaces is optimised and flexible.

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Are you a municipality, a developer, an investor, a local authority? your project concerns the construction of a single-family house, apartment building, office space or industrial building?

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