Visualisation & 3D

Architectural office & 3D visualisation

Visualising in 3D means experiencing a dream in reality!

3D videos help future owners and investors to experience their new building interactively. They facilitate decision-making and exchanges between the client and the architect.

A key marketing argument for real estate developers, 3D visualisation facilitates sales and project adhesion. It enables architectural and technical options to be validated prior to completion.


Landewyck Building, Luxembourg
IEE Innovation Center, Bissen
Semi-detached houses, Heffingen
Training Centre, Luxembourg
Design study
Terraced house, Esch/Alzette
Detached house, France
Former farmhouse, Niederanven


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3D at the service of your projects




At BELVEDERE Architecture, 3D models and virtual reality are used in every project, regardless of its size. 3D and modelling are at the heart of the process of design. They make spaces, openings and volumes perceptible. They facilitate technical, aesthetic or architectural choices.

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