Interior design

INterior design

Office of interior design, fitting out and decoration in Luxembourg.

Architecture and interior design are like a couple of dancers, inseparable from each other.

The interior architect has as priority the well-being of the occupants of a place, to make them feel good there, that they find it functional and beautiful. His mission is to marry usage and design.

He is the one who thinks about the management of volumes, movement in space, lighting, acoustics, technics/domotics.

The earlier he is involved in a project, the greater the architectural performance of the project. He offers furniture, materials, colours and textures. He plans, organises and supervises the work.

BELVEDERE Architecture takes care of the interior design of your building, office, flat, villa, store.


Landewyck Building, Luxembourg
IEE Innovation Center, Bissen
W4 Offices, Leudelange
GSK Stockmann, Luxembourg
FREO, Senningerberg
Daycare center, Leudelange
Detached house, Germany, Bissen
Semi-detached houses, Heffingen


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Fitting-out and optimisation of spaces



Crafts and Trades

It is necessary to be able to anticipate creatively : anticipate changes in usage, anticipate trends, anticipate the shortage of materials or their ecological potential. It is on the basis of this reflection that BELVEDERE Architecture's team of interior architects takes an holistic approach to every project entrusted to it. Our views as architects, artists and craftsmen come together to propose a minimalistic and sustainable design, where everything has meaning and nothing is never definitive. We integrate innovative materials and technologies into our design proposals.

An interior design project in Luxembourg?

Our team of architects and designers will help you to think about the overall harmony of your property. Entrust the management of your project to experienced professionals.

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