Experiencing architecture - well before it's built.

Experiencing architecture - well before it's built.

The realistic visualisation of a building project is an integral part of the design process at BELVEDERE Architecture. You find floor plans too abstract? Here, the 3D representation enables a better understanding of the planning.

From individual images to a virtual tour through a building, everything is possible.

In 3D visualisation, we create images based on sketches, plans or existing 3D models. These can be interior or exterior perspectives, photomontages or animations, day or night perspectives as well as visualisations that can be experienced with 3D glasses. We determine various parameters in advance: camera perspective, geometries, furniture, equipment details, materials, colours and textures, time of day, light sources and lighting. Here we make sure to clarify the client's ideas regarding materials and design in advance and to implement them in the visualisation. This is the only way to achieve an overall picture that corresponds to the client's wishes. 

The type of visualisation can range from abstract, stylised to photo-realistic. Through 3D visualisations we convey emotions and make the feeling of space as well as light and atmosphere tangible. After all, we want to present our client with the planning of his future property in the best possible way and take into account any change requests at any stage of the planning. In the end, the client should receive an object that optimally meets his needs, taking into account the budget and the regulatory framework.

Rendering house

We use 3D renderings or videos in all communication channels - in the exposé, in the internet presence, in press releases or in external communication such as on the construction panel. Architectural renderings are an indispensable form of client communication, both for large design projects and for smaller project budgets.

Renderings are also used by engineering offices and authorities to check the architecture and are thus a method of identifying problems in a planned project at an early stage.

In principle, anything is possible in the field of 3D visualisation and is merely a question of time, effort and the level of investment in the expertise and technology used. BELVEDERE Architecture has been offering visualisation as an in-house service for many years and has state-of-the-art equipment at its disposal. The technical competence is covered by our own experts, who always keep up to date with the latest knowledge.

For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at +352 26 34 06 10 or info@belvedere.lu.

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