The Sixthfloor artists at a glance.

The Sixthfloor artists at a glance.

Have you ever met one of the exceptional artists of the SIXTHFLOOR*? Ever had the pleasure of experiencing one of their amazing art pieces?

Perhaps you recently had the opportunity to attend their exhibition at GSK Stockmann who opened their doors to showcase the artists’ outstanding work. However, today we’d like to invite you to find out more:;; Patrick Meyer Architect Sculptor Luxembourg Contern (

*[Picture published with the kind permission of the artists] fltr: Tom Flick, Katarzyna Kot-Bach, Wouter van der Vlugt, Lukas Arons, Joachim van der Vlugt, Nadine Cloos, Patrick Meyer (BELVEDERE ARCHITECTURE S.A.). The SIXTHFLOOR is a Luxembourg art collective created back in 2001. They are having their base in Neimillen, L-Koerich, a former sawmill transformed into artist studios and a collective exhibition space called “the Piazza”. 

> Brochure of the Track 04 Exhibition [Download]

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